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I am a cognitive psychologist and philosopher of science.
My research interests lie in the intersections of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of science. 

My earlier work in psychological science was in the cognitive psychology of memory and text comprehension. I have also done research in the neuroscience of learning and memory at the graduate level. I did my doctoral work in the philosophy of cognitive science. My dissertation provides the outlines of the error-statistical approach to the cognitive sciences, specifically functional neuroimaging, and offers resolutions of several issues of evidence and inference in this field. I currently work on the further development and expansion of my doctoral work in pursuance of its theoretical and empirical consequences in cognitive neuroscience. 
In addition, I work on complex human cognition and do experimental work in the cognitive psychology of scientific reasoning. More specifically, this line of work includes behavioral experiments on tasks of inductive reasoning and inference in which factors that improve inductive reasoning are investigated.

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